We understand your problems. Do you have one or more of the following?


1) BYOD – I want all my ebooks on all different platforms. 2) Echapters – I want to mix and match my chapters to give students a personalised learning path. 3) Price – I want cheaper alternatives, particularly when I am introducing new BYOD programs. 4) Access – I want to access other’s authors content all in the one location.  5) Personalise – I want to personalise my ebooks to a group of students. 6) Quality – How do I know which content is good or of high quality for my curriculum? 7) Sharing – I want to share my content with other teachers. 8) Create – I want to create new content quickly and easily 9) Print – How do I manage the print to digital when we still need digital.

So we created myconnect to solve them. A solution for you.


Improve teacher effectiveness.

Access the widest choice of content available. Facilitate learning paths. Provide insight into how students are interacting with content. Collaborate and engage more effectively.


All content offline and online in ONE location. Access anytime, anywhere. Single Sign on to publishers portals.  Integrated with Learning Management Systems.

Improve school administration.

Makes ebooks easy to purchase, read and enjoy on any device. Simpler license deployment and visibilty. Recognition of print bundles.




myaccess. mychoice. mybooks. mycommunity.

myconnect is a multi-platform content technology solution for schools.

It allows schools to streamline administration of licenses, educators to personalise materials and students to collaborate more effectively.