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Access Australia’s largest base of education publisher eContent – NOW 


At Campion Education, we have relationships with hundreds of publishers who produce thousands of titles for the education market in Australia. We have signed up the major publishers and continually signing up more content providers so that schools and educators can select from the largest library of relevant content.  Over time, the content will be categorised into curriculum areas and new content can be peer reviewed for comments and ratings to make it even easier for you to select the right content for you and your class. We beleive in giving you the best choice of content available.



Not only ebooks..we have other rich learning media content available too

We additionally supply rich interactive digital objects in HTML5 format, simulations, apps, and EPUB3 formats. This allows schools to purchase and compile personalised digital collections for their unique needs in a subject area. It also allows schools to build a unique collection for easy and single once off deployment.


Plus free content

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We realise there is great free content available which can be blended in lesson plans together with publisher paid content. We are increasingly adding video banks, Open Educational Resources (OER) and other curriculum aligned content to make it easier for schools to access content from as many authors as possible. 



Access to publishers portals – single sign on

We continually work with publishers to ensure students and educators have a seamless experience in accessing online respositories of interactive content. Students are able to be authenticated directly from the myconnect platform to their preferred online portal simply without putting in user credentials and passwords again.


True multi-platform

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We provide OFFLINE and ONLINE Native applications for IOS for IPAD’s, MAC OS, Android, Windows Desktop 7, 8, 8.1. Together with online browsers IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We have most of the bases covered for students to access content anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

Cloud synchronisation

All annotations are synched to cloud services to ensure a consistent user experience on any platform. Annotations are stored for the life of the subscription of the content service.




Flexible license deployment


Whether you have school owned or BYOD owned, we can help. We offer multiple ways in which to deploy licenses for fixed class labs with devices, BYOD devices or by IP range. Distribution and access of content can be activated immediately upon purchase. Content is sent directly to the students bookshelf for authentication and download. No more waiting.


Improved School Administration 

Improved visibility and transparency over usage of content at class and individual readership level. Understand how students are interacting with content to improve learning outcomes.

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Up to 2 concurrent devices can be logged on simultaneously. Access anywhere 24/7.   Using the most secure platform, content is uniquely stored and personalised for the student.

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