We help you make your econtent become more effective




Dashboard Analytics

Learn from reader behaviour, usage patterns, sales volumes, device downloads and more to enable you to focus on more targeted content for specialised audiences. Create customised content for new audiences.



Marketing Services

Increase the rate of adoption of your products through our adoption services. Content can be deployed to targeted audiences for trial and usage. 


Digital content development services

We can help with developing new content and improving existing interactivity. Develop new interactive HTML5 content to add extra value to the learning experience.

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Pedadgogical services

We can assist with aligning your content to the national curriculum.


Single Single-On (SSO)

We can assist in developing integration so that your publisher online portal is authenticated directly from within myconnect. No more usernames and passwords to remember.


Global Distribution

We can distribute your content globally. Your content doesn’t have to be constrained only to Australia.!

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Disaggregation of content – echapters 

By allowing smaller chunks of your content, allows different models for procurement of content.

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