Campion Digital Services team is capable of supporting your day to day needs.

1. Where is the student data stored? Is it secure?

All student data is stored on fully secure Amazon s3 servers in Australia. 

2. Whom can I contact if I have a problem?

If there is a problem with accessibility, try logging off, restarting and trying again. All native apps and online services have been fully tested however should there be a problem, report it to our helpdesk at email address

Please note, you need to be connected to the internet the first time you login to the app OR download a book.

3. What digital eBook information will I receive after I have successfully ordered?

If you have ordered a product with ‘MyConnect’ in the title, your Order Confirmation email will tell you the approximate date that you will receive your access details for your MyConnect product. Your access details will be sent to you based on that date in a separate email. The timing of that separate emails is determined by your school’s preference.

4. How do I download the Campion MyConnect app?

Click here to go to the download page and select the appropriate app for the device you are downloading the app to.

5. How do I learn to use the Campion MyConnect app?

Click here to view user guides and videos which will show you how to use the Campion MyConnect app and all the reading features.